Nazareth drummer from the original line-up, Darrell Sweet, passed away on April 30, Friday 1999. The new drummer is Lee Agnew, Pete Agnew's son.

Pictures with the band, sent me byJohn Reh

  1. Lee Agnew  in Baltimore, middle of 1998., drum tech. for Darrell Sweet
  2. Jimmy, Baltimore middle of 1998
  3. Pete and Lee Agnew Baltimore, middle of 1998
  4. John Reh, Manny John's wife-Sue, Darrell, Geoff Newsome, Dan and Pete. Picture taken in Baltimore Maryland at Hammerjacks Club 1982 Maryland.
  5. Group shot April 2, 1999 Club X-Hale, Frederick Maryland.
  6. Pete with Fool Circle promo poster. April 2, 1999 Club X-hale, Frederick Maryland.
  7. Dan at Starz Nightclub Allentown, Pennsylvania, May 16, 1997
  8. Group 1999 picture with John Reh
  9. Willy and John Reh
10. Dan McCafferty
11. Dan with scottish stuff
12. Darrell Sweet