Hello, fans! On this page I will publish some songs of NAZARETH. I have problems with digital audio & data storage features of my CDROM LiteOn32x. Maybe it requires cleaning. If anybody wants to make a request, then feel free to emai:

Current featured songs are the following:

STARRY EYES from Dan McCafferty's CD "Into The Ring" - 1987

SUNSHINE from NAZARETH's CD"Rampant" - 1975
(requested by Glenn - another NAZ fan with a fan homepage)

LAST EXIT TO BROOKLYN from CD"The Catch" - 1984

BOYS IN THE BAND (Live) - thanks to Terje Kapstad !!!
BEGGAR'S DAY - Live - thanks to Terje Kapstad

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Note: don't like *.mp3, and I have renamed the files !!! You need a Winamp  or another program with mp3 support to play this files! Click on a Winamp icon to download it.
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