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I. NAZARETH - Live in Sofia,  24.01.1993, timing:01:00:00, color system: SECAM, from Bulgarian National TV (EFIR 2), quality: very good. Performed songs:

 1. Do You Wanna Play House
 2. Razamanaz
 3. I Wanna Do Everything For You
 4. Gone Dead Train
 5. Dream On
 6. My White Bicycle
 7. Whisky Drinkin' Woman
 8. Bad Bad Boy
 9. Vigilante Man
10. Right Between The Eyes
11. Hair Of The Dog
12. This Flight Tonight
13. Love Hurts

II. NAZARETH Live in Sofia, 06.12.1998, timing: 01:00:00, color system: SECAM, from: Bulgarian National TV (EFIR 2), quality: excellent. Songs:

 1. Light Comes Down
 2. Razamanaz
 3. God Save The South
 4. Dream On
 5. Heart's Grown Cold
 6. Nothing So Good
 7. Hair Of The Dog
 8. Whisky Drinkin' Woman
 9. This Flight Tonight
10. Beggar's Day
11. Love Hurts

III. Live 1980 or 1981 (maybe is "Loudest and Proudest" 81), timing: about 1 hour, system: PAL, quality: good. Very good live. Dan is with a red item on a left leg. They performed almost all of the tracks in 'SNAZ album. Received about 01.06.1999

* Sent me by other fans:

I. Andre Sikora from Brazil Videocasette, timing: about 2 hours, color system: NTSC(he says), quality: not too good. Content is following:

1. Musical Notes - Canada 1993 (Interview with Dan McCafferty) 0:30
2. Live in Kolin, Germany - 1992 01:24:00. Track listening follows:

01. Night Woman
02. Razamanaz
03. I wanna Do Everything For You
04. Beggar's Day
05. Dream On
06. Cocaine
07. Big Boy
08. Right Between The Eyes
09. Vigilante Man
10. Whisky Drinkin' Woman
11. Love Hurts
12. This Flight Tonight
13. Tush

3. Video Clips 20:00. Here they are : Love Leeds To Madness, Star, You Shot Me Down, Dream On.
4. Dan McCafferty album from 1975 on a MC.

5. From Nicholas Kotzer, Vancouver, Canada - he sent me the following:
MC with 1971 Marquee club live and BBC live from 1973 as a appends on B side.
CDs: Live in Stockholm 12.08.1974 (2CD), BBC live from 1975, Compilation CD with some unreleased songs.
Received in the beginning of August 1999!ItemI

6. Terje Kapstad CDRom with MP3's, received in the beginning of September 1999. Encoded at 160k/s (some are 128k/s) 44kHZ
CD 1: Called Her Name, Fool About You, Hard Living, Goin' Down, Razamanaz, Broken Down Angel, Night Woman, Too Bad, Too Sad,
Turn On Your Receiver, Bad Bad Boy, Shapes Of Things, Silver Dollar Forger, Glad When You're Gone
CD 2: Dear John, Morning Dew, Vigilante Man, Paper Sun, Woke Up This Morning, Love Hurts, Expect No Mercy, This Flight Tonight, Whisky Drinkin'  Woman/ Hair Of The Dog, Teenage Nervous Breakdown, Road Ladies.

b. BBC Live In Concert
1. Morning Dew, Alcatraz, Vigilante Man, Razamanaz, Night Woman, Broken Down Angel, Country Girl, Woke Up This Morning, Called Her Name, Black Hearted Woman

c. Best Of Live - 24.05.1985 (similiar Live from London on a video)
Track List: Telegram, Razamanaz, I want to do..., Boys In The Band, Beggar's Day, Dream On, Cocaine, This Month's Messiah, This Flight Tonight, Love Hurts, Hair Of The Dog, Teenage Nervous Breakdown, Ain't Got You

d. Manny Charlton - "Drool" -1999. Track List: Doom, Rockin' In A Free World, White Hotel, Signed Sealed Delivery, Change, Donna (Get Off That Crack),Family, White Boy, Kitchen, Animal, Love Kills, Lady Luck, Sleep, Homegrown

e. Expect Razamanaz. Track List: Expect No Mercy, Shapes Of Things, Love Hurts, Tush, Razamanaz, Cocaine, This Flight Tonight, Love Hurts, Hair Of The Dog, Teenage Nervous Breakdown, Tush

f. Gatecrashin' Live, 14.02.1983 - Recorded at the Coasters, Edinburg, Scotland

g. Razamanaz In Wonderland. Track listing: Razamanaz, I want to do..., Showdown At The Border, Heart's Grown  Cold, Big Boy, Holiday, This Flight Tonight, Hair Of The Dog, Talkin' To One Of The Boys, Expect No Mercy, Broken Down Angel

7. From Peter Gastl (Pincy), Germany   Item      ItemI
One PAL VHS Video Cassette with excellent quality
a. Morning Dew (Beatclub 1971) 4:20
b. This Flight Tonight (Disco, 3 SAT 1974) 3:30
c. Love Hurts 4:00 + This Flight Tonight 3:17 (TV  show,SAT1)
d. SCARLETT promotion TV Spot (Love Hurts - 99) 2:15
e. Piece Of My Heart (live at Tele5) 4:17
f. Promotion Clip "Double Trouble Tour" (VH-1) 0:52
g. Lights Come Down + Interview + Talk Talk(TM3 Munich 1998) 12:36
h. Interview (Arte report, 1998) 3:40
i. Dream On (german TV show)
j. Dream On (Video clip german TV) 3:20
k. Where Are You Now (ZDF)
l. Dream On (unplugged) 2:15
m. Dream On -live 2:50
n. Dan McCafferty - Sally Mary (Video Clip) 2:53
o. Live From London (Handrig), also known as RAZAMANAZ with excellent quality 0:57:00

8. From Jens Leopold, Germany, received 10.09.1999.  ItemI      Item II
a. Rockpalast Classics - Live in Bochum, Germany, 12.11.1984 , 100 min.
    Track listing is following:Telegram, Razamanaz, (I wanna do) Everything For  You, Boys In The Band, Beggar's Day, Ruby Tuesday, Dream On, Cocaine, This Month's Messiah, Party Down, May The Sunshine, Love Hurts, This Flight Tonight, Expect No Mercy, Hair Of The Dog, Bad Bad Boy, Teenage Nervous Breakdown, Tush, Rock Me Baby, Sweet Little Rock'n'Roller
b. May The Sunshine (BBC Prime show TOP OF THE POPS, 1979)
c. "Survivors from Nazareth" with french talk 1:19
d. "Where Are You Now" (TSR, 1983) - video clip 3:44
e. "Holiday" + Interview (TSR, 1980) 5:30
f. "Hard Living" (DRS) 1:20
g. "Right Between The Eyes", "This Flight Tonight" + Interview (Super Channel, 1992) 08:00
h. "Morning Dew" (Beat Club) 4:09
i. BBC Sound & Sight 03.12.1977 (not the complete show). Quality: not good, Total timing:48:00. Track listing: Telegram, Razamanaz, (I Wanna Do) Everything For You, Night Woman, Born To Love, Love Hurts,Gone Dead Train, Kentucky Fried Blues, Exepect No Mercy, This Flight Tonight

8. From Antti Hangasmaa, Sweden, received 4 MCs in the end of January 2000    Item I
It contains Innerview Of Naz hosted by Jim Ladd-1981, Lost BBC Tapes - 73-74; Demos - 83-94 (S.O.S.,Baby's Got A Gun, Crime & Punishment Show, Let Me See The Light and some others...); Live in Providence, Living Room - 1984(All Night Radio, Razamanaz, I want...,Beggar's Day,This Flight Tonight, Cocaine, Big Boy, Whippin' Boy, Boys In The Band, Expect No Mercy, Hair Of The Dog, Love Hurts, Holiday); Unplugged in Scotland, which I already have; AC/DC - Live at Atlantic Studios 1977 (First disk from Bonfire)

9. From Charles Vanics, Canada - Received are some issues of RAZAMANEWZ Magazine, hosted by Joe Geesin, from #2 to #14. They are xerocopied. Received about 23rd of February 2000.      Item

10. From Wenny Kelly, Los Angeles, USA - Received are 1 Video Cassette (VC) with "Sound And Sights" - 1977 Live on BBC plus 4 VC from the animation movie THE SIMPSONS as a bonus. :))).  Received are and 5 MC (Music Cassettes) - 1) BBC 1980 - Live At Hammersmith Odeon 16.03.1980 (Telegram, Razamanaz, I want to do..., Showdown At The Border, Heart's Grown Cold, Cocaine(not recorded???), Big Boy, Holiday, This Flight Tonight, Hair Of The Dog, Talkin' To One Of The Boys, Expect No Mercy)
2) Live In London 1978 - same as Transcription 1978 - without #2
3) Live in Providence - 1984, The Living Room (All Nite Radio, Razamanaz, I Want To Do Everything For You, Beggar's Day, This Flight Tonight, Heart's Grown Cold, Cocaine, Big Boy, Whippin' Boy, Boys In The Band, Expect No Mercy, Hair Of The Dog, Love Hurts, Holiday). Bonus :Live versions from Malice In Wonderland...
4) A:Lost BBC Tapes (I think that begins with Razamanaz, Night Woman, Broken Down Angel, Vigilante Man)
B: BBC Transcription 1978 - Maybe is the same show as Live In London 1978
5) Manny Charlton Band Live In Dallas - 9'1999 (is complete?)       Item

11. From Terje Kapstad, Norway - Received in the end of June, 2000   Item I  Item II
CD I - Nazareth BBC Rock hour 5 :     Intro 1.Telegram  2.Night Woman   3.Born to love  4.Love hurts
 5.Gone dead train  6.Kentucky fried blues  7.Expect no mercy  8.This flight tonight  9.Whiskey drinkin` Woman
 10.Hair of the dog  11.Teenage nervous breakdown

CD II - Nazareth  Radio Luxembourg in concert - Recorded Live at The Blow Up, 1979
 1.Razamanaz  2.I want to do everything for you  3.Just to get into it  4.May the sunshine  5.Cocaine
 6.Wrong time wrong place  7.This flight tonight  8.Kentuckey freid blues  9.Love hurts  10.No mean city
 11.Gone dead train  12.Hair of the dog  13.Expect no mercy

CD III - Nazareth Live in Rhode Island  1984
 1.All Night radio   2.Razamanaz  3.I want to do everything for you  4.Beggard`s day  5.This flight tonight
 6.Heart`s grown cold  7.Love hurts  8.Holiday  9.Big boy  10.Wipping boy  11.Boyz in the band
 12.Expect no mercy  13.Hair of the dog

CD IV - Nazareth Live in Vancouver , Canada 1984
 1.All Night radio  2.Razamanaz  3.I want to do everything for you  4.Beggard`s day  5.Love leads to madness
 6.Cocaine  7. Big boy  8. Wipping boy  9. Boyz in the band  10. Expect no mercy 11. Hair of the dog

CD V - Nazareth -  Live in Zurich 1986 Recorded Live in Switzerland 1986
 1.Intro  2.Cinema  3.Razamanaz  4.Road ladies  5.Boys in the band  6.One from the heart  7.This months messiah
 8.Dream on  9.Cocaine  10.White boy  11.Hit the fan  12.This flight tonight  13.Love hurts  14.Other side of you
 15.Hair of the dog  16.Shapes of things   17.Teenage nervous breakdown

CD VI - Nazareth  - Live in Seattle 1987 Recorded Live in Seattle 1987
 1.Razamanaz  2.Miss Misery  3.Boys in the band  4.This Mounths messiah  5.Road ladies  6.Beggards day
 7.Cinema  8.Other side of you  9.Whiskey drinkin woman  10.Love hurts  11.Hit the fan  12.Hair of the dog

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