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Here is a link to a ftp server in Bulgaria, which I posted in the Nazarth mailing list, but nobody reply to the message. On this FTP server have a full CDROM with mp3s from NAZARETH. The CDROM is from the archives of Russian rockers - In Russia have issued too much CDs with old rockin' music - most of them are 2 old albums in one CD, along with it they have a MP3CDs with all the albums from band or artist. The following is a link to the bulgarian FTP, it supports only 10 users logged in anonymously and when anybody download from satellite and I try with it - it doesn't work. You must login from one IP concurently)
Check out the directory pub and then you can find it easy.
extended informatoin is here:
Host name: narya.online.bg
IP address:
Alias(es): mp3.online.bg

Here is my personal Nazareth lyrics archive, some of the lyrics I've entered from keyboard, other I got from Internet. Not completed ... Download it HERE !!!

My music archive in CDs and MCs

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07 July 2000 - link to NAZARETH CDROM with all their studio recordings (to "Move Me" 1995 album) in MP3 format

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03 July 2000 - Traders Corner updated - received a package from TERJE KAPSTAD, Norway
14 May 2000 - Traders corner updated with items from Wenny Kelly
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30 December 1999 - Almost all site is updated
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